LifeWave Testimonials

Hi Karen, ok just wanted to post a quick testimonial of what has happened to me since using Aeon. So last weekend Saturday I was at an event here in my town promoting LIfewave. The weather was gorgeous here and I wanted to go surf but was still under the weather. But I couldn’t resist! So I surfed hard for an hour and a half and thought I am going to feel it tomorrow since I had been under the weather and I hadn’t surfed for a week either. So Sunday I wake and still under the weather but I am not sore. Again another gorgeous day and I can’t resist the surf is calling my name. I surf for 3.5 hours straight and I caught a lot of waves. I thought now tomorrow I will pay the price for this. I get home and I think wow if it wasn’t dark I could surf for another 3 hours no problem. Monday rolls around and I am feeling good and not sore. I have a small window Monday to surf in the late afternoon and again not fatigued and surfed hard. I am blown away I just turned 40 and I am surfing like I am in my twenties. P.S. I have surfed 6 days straight and today will be number 7. By the way I didn’t wear the energy patches just Aeon. Here is the other kicker I have lost 5lbs since being on Aeon and haven’t changed a thing with diet either. My assumption because it’s lowering Cortisol levels maybe the reason for the weight loss….ok I am off to surf have an incredible weekend. – Jim Loreto


I have had chronic lower back pain for many years now. I’ve always either just lived with it, or poured the usual drug cocktail of anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxers, and pain medications into me. Recently, I was in a class with Dr Karen Kan. She had brought Lifewave patches with her to see if they would help me. She had heard about my back pain from my fiancé. I was very anxious to try it as I dislike putting all those drugs into my body.She had me do a range of motion as a baseline, and then tried several placements of the Energy Enhancer patches, followed by the same range of motion.

Within seconds of the right positioning of the patches, I had increased flexibility, less stiffness, and no discomfort or pain. To say that I was amazed would be an understatement. I was literally dancing at the end of the class! I also made sure to follow her instructions regarding drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated.I wore the patches for about 12 hours that day, and did not on the next day. Dr Kan had said that there may be a residual effect the day after, and I wanted to see if that would be true for me. It has now been 3 days since then, and I still feel like I have the back of an 18 year old, and I’m 49.

I’ve had to shovel snow the past few days, and have been able to do so without the pain and stiffness that was so prevalent before. I can bend over and straighten up without groaning for the first time in a long time. I am sold on these patches, and am looking forward to trying the other products as well. I have been telling everyone I have come in contact with how wonderful I feel, and why. I have friends and relatives that could benefit greatly from the use of these products. I can’t wait to show them what I have experienced. – Paul Jones, Jan 2009


Long before the IceWave pain patches were available, I was out of town with a fractured tooth! Suffering from intense pain, I called up Dr. Karen for advice. She suggested placing the tan Energy Enhance patch where the pain was and the white patch on my sternum. The results were amazing. In 10 minutes my tooth felt so much better and it got me through until I could see a dentist. This experience made me a believer in the patches, giving me the confidence to use them professionally with clients! – Dan Sullivan, Licensed Massage Therapist


I felt the difference the first day I put my SP6 patch on. My cravings for sweets are far less, It makes it much easier to stick to my weight loss plan and it got me through my plateau with Weight Watchers. As an added bonus, I now crave WATER instead of soda! Yippee! – Darcey Burman, LMT


As a massage therapist, I am really busy during the summer months. This year, I was able to work 20% more and I attribute this all to using the Energy Enhancers! – Tim Chien, LMT


Few people know that four years ago I suffered terribly from fibromyalgia. I had fatigue, pain and had gained belly fat (stress fat). With natural therapies, I have almost completely healed. The Energy Enhancer patches have been a Godsend and I am now able to figure skate better than before I became ill. And the new SP6 patches are my new favorite! The “belly fat” is going away! I even bought a new bikini to celebrate. – Dr. Karen Kan


I used to work as a UPS driver. After a long day at work, I’d plop on the couch and just watch TV all night. The first day I used the Energy Enhancers, suggested by Dr. Karen, I noticed that I got in and out of my truck much faster, the packages seemed lighter, and I was calm and cool-headed all day. And when I got home from work, I still had energy to cook, clean and go drumming with my friends. Energy Enhancers rock! – James Gann


The glutathione patches in the Y-Age have made a huge difference in my psoriasis. I had large white patches in my scalp and on my elbows and was embarrased to go swimming even though I love it, because it would show. After using the glutathione patches religiously and following Dr. Karen’s recommendations, I’m happy to say that I’m psoriasis free! I am so happy with myself – oh, and I begun swimming again! – Sarah C.


I was tired and went to see Dr. Karen a few days before I was to have major surgery. She suggested that I use the Energy Enhancer patches every day until my surgery and then every day thereafter. After three days in a row, I felt like a million bucks! – Sarah B.


Hi Dr. Karen, I have great news…I CAN RUN!! I used the Lifewave patches (one on my knee and the other mid-way down my leg) and was pain-free in those areas. I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time…it felt so good! Thank you for all your help…you are a miracle worker! – Rachael M. (had broken leg and surgery with residual pain)


Man With Elevated Sugar Improves with LifeWave:
I have been a diabetic for almost 20 years. On January first of this year I made a decision to stop the 13 pills I was taking and the insulin I was on. I had been in and out of hospitals for the past 4 years and 2008 was the worse. In December I was in the hospital again and this time it was a serious infection that the doctor said had I waited one more day it probably would have killed me. My resistance was so low, my blood pressure was very high and my sugar was 586.?When the doctor said they were going to add another couple of pills and schedule an operation I said no, no more. I did continue my antiboitics till done. My doctor actually fired me because she said “Mr Flores you are like a ticking time bomb I will not be responsiable for your death.”?So on January 1st against my wife’s wishes I went on the 5 day protocol, except I did it for 10 days. Then I went on the detox for 30 days because I felt I had too many toxins in my body. Then I went on the normal protocol for 6 months (5day and 2 week detox) now however I am using only the Energy Enhancer every other day.?What are the results, my blood pressure went down to 126/76 within a few minutes and has stayed that way except for one time in the past 9 months. I had 3 pills before for high blood pressure. I have never had my sugar below 300 in the past 4 years except in the hospital. Now it has gone from 586 in December to below 200 and still dropping. Triglycirides were an average of over 800, now below 200 (I LOVE IT) everything is down to almost normal. I thank God for this and for David’s invention.?I do not recommend anyone do what I did, they should look for a doctor that is willing to work with them as they go along. I was at the end of my rope, I did not trust my treatment anymore, I did not work at all in 2008 I was always sick, tired, and depressed. So I felt I needed to do something different and I was already using Icewave for all my pains, and they were very effective.?Sorry for the long explaination. I learned from the article what my next step is to be and that is to use Glutathione to repair my insides, my organs. So I thank you for the information. I am a proud member of the Lifewave family, so much so that when after two days I saw the deifference I decided to start doing the presentations. It is so great when I can share and help. – Robert Flores


Quitted 38 years of chain-smoking in 5 days!
38 years of heavy chain-smoking!
With the help of Lifewave patches quitted in 5 days!

Roger Chua
Age: 51 yrs
My history on smoking….

Since age 13. Puffed about 1 packet of cigarette a day (20 sticks)

When I was serving my national service my smoking increased to 2 packets per day.

After I got into workforce I was already puffing about 3 to 4 packets per day. it can also go up 5 or 6 pkt if I am stressed out.

I looked really haggard and worn out. Many think that I look 15 years older than my actual age.
2 years ago I was very fortunate to be surrounded by good friends who cared enough for me and they tried to help me quit smoking but to no avail. I was only able to cut down to only 2 packets per day.

Just 2 weeks ago June shared with me the wonders of Lifewave patches and suggested I use the energy and glutathione patch to help me quit smoking completely. I decided to give it a try. I started using the patches on 31/08 and within days, to my own amazement I was able to reduced the number of cigarettes from 9 to 4 to 3 to 1 and finally none!

The most amazing part was that the taste of tobacco was horrible when I had my glutathione patch on CV22. I could hardly continue puffing .I am so glad my days of smokings are over. My wife did a quick calculation and here are the figures:- A very conservative calculation.

Average 2 packets a day for 38 years

2 x 30 = 60 pkt a month
60 x12 = 720 pkt a year
720×38= 27,360 pkts

20 sticks in 1 pkt
27,360 x 20 = 547,200 sticks!

If a Packet of cigarette is about S$ 10/-

27,360 x 10 = S$273,600.00

Through out these 38 years I had burned at least S$273,600.00 into smoke! And that was only the beginning, health complications and disease will definitely take a toll on my life, I know I cannot escape hefty medical bills. I had done a discredit to myself and my family and those who cares for me all these years.

Had it not been for David Schmidt and his great invention I would never dream that I could be FREE from the bondage of Tobacco one day and that quitting smoking wouldn’t be so simple. Thank You Mr. David Schmidt! – Roger Chua


Shoulder pain after surgery
Last night 2nd November 2009, over the phone I advised an elderly lady in patch placement who in the previous week had the titanium ball and rod shoulder surgery and was in extreme pain 15/10

I asked Lucy to drink 1 glass of water after which she held the white patch to the sternum, pain down to a 7.
Then I asked her to put a Glutathione patch on the midline 4 fingers below the navel. Pain down to 2.
After 1/2 teaspoon of salt on the tongue and the 2nd glass of water ..PAIN GONE from 15 to ZERO in 5 minutes

NO use of a tan patch and NO patches near the shoulder.
We used 2 patches only … a white IceWave and a Glutathione.

She was amazed AGAIN and interestingly joined LW a year ago because the patches fixed her
FROZEN SHOULDER……. then she stopped using them and the shoulder [gallbladder and liver deteriorated] and a week ago she had surgery, unnecessary I might say.

The patches bridged the circuit again and took away the pain in less than 5 minutes…. one year later ! ?She rang me because the multiple doses of Morphine would not cover the massive pain.?She will be inspired again now to use the LifeWave technology, a pity her body had to have such a stark, expensive and traumatic experience.

If her Liver and Gallbladder function could have been improved over time with constant wearing of the patches she would not have had the referred shoulder pain. NO pain, NO need for surgery.?These PATCHES are amazing !
***The following morning Lucy rang me….. blowing me kisses… slept ALL night…. No pain…. still no pain. – Sally Williams, Live Blood Analyst , Neuroplastician


Hi Everybody

I have an upper secondary molar that is 30 degree off position of where it should be but the nerves are all intact. It’s a good tooth.

This afternoon ( November 12, 2009 ) I went to my dentist, Dr. Judith Yap (wife of James Yap former Xavier School student & classmate of Batch 79)

On my way over to the clinic I have patches on my Lung 1, Kidney 1 and one glutathione patch below my belly button and another glutathione patch on my sternun.

Although I do not have toothache but I want to have the secondary molar removed. So I patched one brown Icewave on Stomach 42 (for toothache). I want to see if I can have the tooth extracted without anesthesia.

Dr Judith and I had a miscommunication, when she confirmed my appointment she just told me to be there before 2pm. She failed to tell me she will be dressing up by 2pm and will be leaving.

So when I arrived at 1:50 pm she was all dolled up, dressed in gown and about to leave for a wedding ceremony wherein she is a principal sponsor. And the wedding is taking place in Antipolo which is quite a distance and with the traffic, she will arrive late if she will inject me with anesthesia and wait for my gums to get numb and then extract the tooth.

I was so confident of the patches that I told Dr. Judith, she can pull my tooth without administering anesthesia. This way she can just extract and go, her assistant can
take over checking my other teeth.

She looked at the tooth and said, “No, you need anesthesia.” I said , “Get your pliers, try it. I have patches for pain.” Dr Judith took the pliers and tested the tooth by twisting the tooth left & right slightly.

I gave out a big howl because it was painful. So she stopped and checked, the tooth had loosen already.

I told her to try once more. So she tried once more and this time she again moved the tooth left and right then gave it a big tug all in seconds and presto the tooth is out. It’s like twist left, twist right then PULL. (one, two, three – Presto !)

Pain ??? Just that moment of twisting and turning to loosen the tooth but after its pulled – no more pain.

Compare to the injections I should have – its nothing at all.

A few minutes later, the bleeding also stopped. I brought home the molar and will show it to anybody who want to check for themselves – it is an intact tooth.

By the way, Dr Judith is no stranger to the patches and I have permission from James & Judith to share her own testimony:

Dr Judith used to be 30 pounds heavier and had pterigium in her eyes and per James; she was scheduled to be operated because the pterigium is already big, protuding and very visible.

A pterygium is a non-cancerous growth of the clear, thin tissue that lays over the white part of the eye (conjunctiva). One or both eyes may be involved. It was so timely that James purchased patches & both husband & wife went through the 5 day Detox (Protocol). Judith continued with the SP6 program and lose 30 pounds (in 2 months time). It was during these patching that both husband & wife noticed the pterigium has shrunk and is now invisible to the eye.

At that time, they were just suspecting that the patches were responsible for the shrinking of the pterigium considering that it was the only thing added to their lifestyle then. It was after Bobby Go and I blasted information about the advantages of Carnosine for the eyes and may help with cataracts, etc. that James was certain it was the carnosine patches that worked on Judith’s pterigium & saved her from undergoing eye surgery.

This is also why – when I told Dr. Judith that I have patches for tooth pain, she was not surprised at all and was not that apprehensive to try and pull the tooth without administering anesthesia.

I am not telling you to do as I did because tolerance of pain is very personal. Not everybody has the same level of pain tolerance.

Josie’s friend, Peachy had blood pressure of 162/78 before patching and after I patched her with Energy Enhancer patches on Kidney 1 acupoint, in seconds her BP went down to 138/86. – Nelly Yu