PACE Fitness

The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution

It never ceased to amaze me how some of my patients could not lose weight even though they exercised a ton. It was discouraging to them, especially the women –  all that effort seemed wasted.

Now after discovering P.A.C.E., Progressively Accelerating Cardiovascular Exertion by Dr. Al Sears, everything makes sense. I read his book, PACE: 12-Minute Fitness Revolution with great fascination as he reviewed all the studies on exercise and was shocked to find out that what I had been recommending had been BAD for my patients!

I had been telling my patients what fitness associations had told us for years to recommend: Aerobic exercise 3-5 x a week for a minimum of 20 minutes and preferably for longer to get into the “fat burning zone”, then strength training and flexibility training along with that.

Well, the latter two elements I recommended were OK, but the aerobic component was not, according to Dr. Sears. Instead of helping us lose fat and being healthy for our heart and lungs, he proved to me that aerobic exercise (like jogging for 10 miles, step-aerobics, and doing the elliptical trainer for 40 minutes) is actually detrimental.

Dr. Sears’ system uses a progressively accelerating interval training technique and the point is to effectively challenge the lungs and heart enough to cause an adaptive response in the body. By using his system, which by the way is VERY flexible (and anyone can do it!), you not only produce a stronger heart and greater lung capacity, you build muscle and lose fat.

The cool part? It only requires 12 minutes of exertion three times a week to create the adaptive response!  In fact, your allowed a MAXIMUM of 20 minutes of exertion. That it! The PACE workout cuts your workout time by about 75%!

You’ve been told you burn the most fat while doing aerobics right? What they didn’t tell you is that you burn more fat just sitting there watching TV than you do during aerobics. Depressing eh? Well, in PACE, you burn the fat AFTER you work out. That’s the secret.

Aerobics causes you to GAIN more fat because the body’s wisdom is that you need to fat to burn for your next workout! But in PACE your muscles need of energy which it cannot get from fat, so your body builds more energy for the muscles to use (carbohydrates) instead of storing fat. Your muscles get stronger, denser and you become leaner.

Not convinced? Think about the body a marathon runner versus a sprinter? Big difference in muscle size and definition wouldn’t you say? Most long distance marathoners I’ve seen look somewhat flabby. Personally I’d rather have the “curves” of a sprinter.

Get the PACE system TODAY! and stop wasting your time. For more information click on the image below: