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energy 2Could your energy drink be killing you? Excessive amounts of caffeine are known to increase stress, “burn out” your adrenals, and make you crash and feel exhausted.

Introducing Theta Fuel, an entirely new approach to the energy drink.  Theta Fuel provides your body with everything it needs to make more energy –  naturally.*  No caffeine.  No stimulants.  No crashing.*11  Just a pure burst of natural energy that will have you feeling great, both now and later.*

Not only that, but Theta Fuel also supports your overall health with a nutrient loaded powerhouse of technologically advanced ingredients.*  Only Theta Fuel delivers a state of the art formula that includes DMG, AKG, L-Carnitine, B-Complex Vitamins and antioxidant activity to help support energy the way your body intended.* Best of all, when combined with Theta Activate, Theta Fueldelivers results most people experience within minutes and without the use of harmful stimulants!



  • Combats fatigue on a cellular level*10
  • Crash-free, stimulant-free formula*
  • Free of artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives


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chart 3To learn more or to purchase Theta Fuel, please CONTACT US and a Patch Training Team Consultant will help you.

To learn more about Theta Fuel, listen to this radio show with LifeWave Medical Director, Dr. Steve Haltiwanger below.

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