Advanced LifeWave Patch Protocols for Optimal Sleep Replay

Here is the replay for today’s radio show on optimal LifeWave Patch protocols for optimal sleep with Dr. Dennis Lobstein and Dr. Karen Kan.  Join Dr. Dennis every Wednesday for his Acupatch clinic in person or online.  Download info here: The AcuWave Health Education Clinic FLYER.  Go to for the link to attend live online.

LISTEN HERE for a replay of the show!

Sleep is important.  It takes up 30% of our lives.  The “hun” spirit of the liver comes out of the body and travels while we sleep.  When the liver is compromised, that can affect our sleep dramatically.  It can get compromised by exposure to toxins, emotional stress, and liver Qi stagnation and toxicity can raise blood pressure.  Growth hormone is released during sleep and is vitally important.  Growth hormone helps maintain tissues and body functions especially lean body mass. That means keeping the muscle and bone healthy and strong and not losing it with age.  Theta One helps increase growth hormone and IGF-1 (it has growth-hormone-like effects).

Many of the LifeWave Patches help with sleep.  Since all of them re-align our energy, sleep can be enhanced.  The Alavida and Y-Age patches have anti-oxidant activity.  Epithalamin is increased with Alavida which is a neurotransmitter in the pineal body.  The Pineal regulates lots of hormonal systems, so the Alavida patch is very supportive of happy hormones!

Dr. Dennis uses the Silent Nights, Carnosine and Alavida all at the same time as they have synergistic effects.   The Silent Nights helps support melatonin production.  Instead of taking melatonin orally, we can stimulate the body to make more by itself.  Magnesium is really helpful too – like Magnesium CALM – with sleep.

The energy enhancer patches can be used to reversed on points on rest and arousal while sleeping.  That can sedate your energy if you’re hyper-aroused and induce sleep.  If you have a positive patch, like Y-Age Carnosine, you can put it on the left side of the body instead of the right, to “sedate” and make someone sleepy.

First use the Y-Age Aeon brain balancing protocol for 1-2 weeks prior to starting any advanced protocols and the brochures and videos from the corporate page!

Protocol 1: Silent Nights on right temple and Carnosine patch on the left temple.  Triple burner 23 is the point on the head (placement #2 on the Silent Nights brochure).  See below for other options.

Protocol 2: Silent Nights on the right TB17 and Carnosine on the left TB17 and add Alavida on GV16.  If you really want sedation you can switch polarities by putting the Silent Nights on the LEFT and Carnosine on the RIGHT.

Protocol 3: Any yin/yang pair (Sp6/Aeon, or Icewave, or Energy enhancers, or Silent nights/carnosine) on any paired acupuncture points below – pick one set to try – and then add in the center line an Alavida or another single patch you haven’t used already (eg. Y-Age Carnosine, Y-Age Aeon, Silent Nights)

Acupuncture Points that are helpful:

  • Yin Tong GV24.5 Third eye – connected to the Pineal gland – you can use the Silent Nights and you can use Alavida on GV16 on the back of the head. 


  • IMAGE:

    Anmian Point – halfway between TB17 and GB20 (on both sides of the body)


  • Shimian acupuncture point on the heel – is on both heels
  • Heart 7 acupuncture point – there is a HT7 on each side of the body
  • Pericardium 7 and 6 are also great ones to use for sleep.  There are points on each side of the body
  • Gallbladder 12 (mastoid process) behind the ear next to AnMian.  You can use this instead of AnMian or temple points.  There is one on each side.
  • Governing Vessel GV24, just behind hairline mid-line forehead.  That is a anxiety calming point (Shen calming).  Use with Silent Nights here and Energy Enhancer with WHITE on LEFT pericardium 6 and TAN on RIGHT pericardium 6 (reversing polarities on purpose to create sedation)
  • Using Spleen 6 and Stomach 36 combination to balance energy – vitality.  If you tonify yin you pull in excess heat (think hot flashes!) with SP6.  You can use Silent Nights on one and Carnosine on the other (try both ways right or left and see which works better).
  • Last Resort when nothing else works: Kidney 6 and Bladder 62.  Kidney 6 is the masterpoint of rest and Bladder 62 is the master point for arousal.  Both are located below the ankle bones.  The kidney 6 is below the inside ankle bone and bladder 62 is below the outside ankle bone.  Use Energy Enhancer, Icewave or Sp6-/Aeon+ or Silent Nights+/Carnosine-, you’d put the negative patch on RIGHT bladder 62 and the positive patch on LEFT Kidney 6 to tonify rest.


  • Tossing and turning warm and uncomfortable and night sweats, disturbed dreams – yin deficiency heat.  Prescription: tonify YIN
    • Silent Nights right Spleen 6 and Carnosine on left Stomach 44 (reversing polarity to induced sleep)
  • Hot flashes due to hormonal imbalances
    • SP6 patch on left Spleen 6 and Aeon patch on TB17 behind right ear
  • Heart Yin Deficiency – tip of the tongue is super-red color (and possible sores)
    • Silent nights on right Heart 7 and Carnosine on left Heart 7

Check out the replay below to hear more!


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