Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity

There are basically two types of people interested in becoming a distributor/wholesaler:

1. People who want to take advantage of “bulk” and wholesale pricing and thus sign up as a distributor in order to get the best deal for themselves. These people have no intention of “selling” anything, nor do we encourage them to do so.

2. People who see the business opportunity as well as being avid customers themselves because they love the products so much, and they feel compelled to share their positive experiences with others like them. Although our team enjoys attracting people interesting in “doing the business”, we realize that most people aren’t cut out for “sales”. Thus we are more than happy to support those who just want to get the product at a discount.

Of course for those who express a sincere interest in “doing the business”, there is training involved and it is important for us to evaluate you to see if you’re a good “fit” for our team…so there is a brief “interview” we do. Unlike most other network marketers, we discourage people in dabbling with the “business” because we know that only committed people are successful.

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