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LifeWave Distributors Karen Kan and James Gann with LifeWave CEO David Schmidt

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Why the LifeWave Business Opportunity?

LifeWave products are not only unique and with few competitors in the billion-dollar wellness market, our products work quickly. You don’t have to convince someone to wait three or six months to see results. With our patches, results may show up as quickly as 10 seconds (as with our IceWave pain-relieving patch).

What is Special About Our LifeWave Patch Training Team?

Our LifeWave team is expanding nationally in the United States as well as globally. Our team is comprised of a fun and healthy mix of business leaders, teachers, support staff and healthcare providers with advanced skills.

Members of our team are some of the most globally recognized for their contribution to spreading LifeWave worldwide. Whether it be video training, conducting scientific research studies, or global disaster relief, our team is involved in many aspects of LifeWave growth.

LifeWave Distributors with Suzanne Somers, LifeWave Ambassador

The Unique Way We Support Our Team

Our team has worked with a variety of people from Olympic athletes to elderly patients in chronic pain. The leader of our Patch Training team is Dr. Karen Kan, a board-certified family physician, holistic healthcare provider and acupuncturist.

Our Team Resources page is a special site for Patch Training Team members with exclusive content including recordings of Team Training Calls, Product Training Webinars, Prospecting Scripts and Emails, Downloadable customized flyers and forms etc.

In addition, we get free access to the LifeWave Product Training Course which consists of 7+ webinars on how to use the products ($97) as well as the LifeWave Business Boot Camp, a webinar course on how to do the business (value priceless).  The latter class is only available to Patch Training Team Annual Access Members or Dr. Karen Kan’s downline.  Also, team members get access to recorded weekly live training calls and webinars.

Who Qualifies To Be On Our LifeWave Patch TrainingTeam?

Not everyone will be chosen to join our team. There is a certain energy and vibration we are looking for in new team members. If you do not meet our criteria but nevertheless wish to join LifeWave, we’d be happy to refer you to another team.

Here are some of the qualities we are looking for:

– Passionate about making a difference in other people’s lives
– Into natural and alternative health care and healthy lifestyle habits
– Loves to learn new things and has a habit of continuing education
– Really into personal growth
– Enjoys stretching out of one’s comfort zone in pursuit of one’s goals
– Enjoys teaching others/empowering others to live happier, healthier lives
– Is trainable and will commit be being trained
– Someone with integrity (does what they say they are going to do)
– Honest and authenticity

The following skill-sets are highly desirable:

– Comfortable with communication via email and comfortable navigating the internet
– Formal teaching or public speaking skills
– Has owned their own business before or has done network marketing

Do I Have To Be A Health Care Practitioner?

No, you do not. Many of our team members are indeed healthcare practitioners, but we also have many who are trainers or teachers. What we’ve found is that these types of people already have a high commitment to helping and empowering others. They are willing to “go the extra mile” to make a difference and they are good “learners”. So even if you’re not a healthcare practitioner, but you absolutely LOVE helping people and are willing to be trained, you will definitely be considered for membership on our team.

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LifeWave Enrollment Packages 2015 chart


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How We Earn Money – LifeWave Compensation Plan

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