There is liquid crystal in your body – why appendix and fascia are important!

Tweet The appendix is a processor of lymph nervous and endocrine systems. Dr. Dennis has been doing some research in this area.  Some forms of Chinese Tui Na (Chinese Massage) it may be similar to Rolfing which involved digging deeply into the fascia.  “Lines in the body are not mystical they are forces balanced, ” […]

Reduce Your Stress Levels, and Feel Happy & Healthy with LifeWave Y-Age Aeon Patches

Tweet Do You Reduce Your Stress Levels?   Stress on your body is good for you, to some extent. However when left unchecked or untreated, stress can prove to be extremely harmful. In an article on Wed MD about stress it states the human body experiences stress and is programed react to it. Stress can […]

LifeWave Canosine Patches, What will they do for you?

Tweet Do You Know What Carnosine Is, And How It Can Help You?   Let’s find out, shall we. But, First, a few questions: Would you or someone you know like to live a longer healthier life? Would you prefer to grow older by adding numbers, not by adding wrinkles? Would you like to find […]

LifeWave Helps Iron Man Qualify for World Championship

Tweet Sergi Isern is no stranger to Iron Man competitions; in fact, he just qualified for the world championship. Sergi began competing in triathlons in 1988 and has participated in over a dozen triathlons throughout his career. But do you know the secret to his success? LifeWave patches! Sergi’s most recent competition was in England at […]