Detoxing: Does It Work? Is It Healthy For You?

Tweet How to Naturally and Safely Detox (And What to Stay Away From When Detoxing!) These days with increased pollution, highly processed foods, and all the other toxins that we ingest, our bodies natural detoxification process can have a hard time keeping up. Detoxification (when done correctly) can assist your body’s natural self-cleaning system. But […]

LifeWave Team Training: Why People Can’t Lose Weight and how LifeWave Can Help

Tweet The top reasons we don’t lose weight easily & what lifewave patches can do about it This week’s team training call was on the topic of weight loss.  Many people struggle to lose weight even though they exercise and eat “right”. In this webinar, I reveal the top reasons why we don’t easily lose […]

Theta Mind: Turbocharged brain booster

Tweet LifeWave Distributor Training: Theta Nutrition Line – How it works Tonight’s team training centered around LifeWave’s new nutrition line called Theta Nutrition. The first product released is Theta Mind, created for its ability to boost mental clarity, attention, focus and memory. In tonight’s training team leaders Gretchen Uhe and Victoria Robinson shared their own […]

Healthier Weight and Life with LifeWave

Tweet LifeWave Patches, Provide Multiple Health Benefits     In a recent article from Self magazine I found some excellent benefits from loosing Just 10 pounds. The article states that by taking off just 10 pounds  you’ll experience all of these health benefits and more: a better memory, a happier mood, shrunken fat cells, better […]