LifeWave Patch Protocols for seasonal allergy symptoms

In today’s radio show, Dr. Dennis shared multiple LifeWave patching protocols to relieve symptoms of sneezing, congestion, stuffy nose and other seasonal allergy symptoms!  Join Dr. Dennis weekly for his free Acuwave clinic in person or online. For information click HERE.  Aren’t allergies such a pain? The sneezing, watery eyes, congestion or the running nose every time the season changes. Ugh!  The problem is that we aren’t just exposed to pollen anymore. Due to the increased toxicity in our environment the symptoms of allergic reactions are increasing beyond just the annoyance of the “sniffles” including swelling, inflammation of the gut and more.

Western Physiology

Basophils, a type of white blood cells, tend to increase in people when exposed to allergens.  Masts cells are similar.  An allergen causes inflammation in the body.  Inflammation then causes blockages which can then cause physical symptoms.  Allergens such as pollen from trees, grasses and flowers.  There are foods we can react to.  There are particulates in the chem trails from geoengineering, including car exhaust, industry and heavy metals from chemical trails.  Insect venom can cause allergic reactions.  Hay fever can cause from “fear of time progression”, “guilt” and other psychological energies according to the late Louise Hay in her You Cn Heal Your Life book.  The gut, skin, lungs (particularly bronchi) and other mucous membranes can all be inflamed.

The symptoms of inflammation show up as itching, rash, red watery eyes, shortness of breath, runny nose, sneezing and swelling.  We have B cells floating around in our blood.  They are lymphocytes that come from the bone marrow and they interact with the allergens which creates an increase in immune globulin E.  Interleukin 4 also increases in the blood as it gets released in reaction to allergens.  The Immune globulin E stick onto the allergies  which becomes a complex, which are then detected by mast cells and basophilic white blood cells. That results in a release of histamines and cytokines which increases inflammation.  They dilate post capillary areas and stimulate sensory nerve ending and cause pain and itching.

The pineal, hypothalamus and pituitary are affected by the mast cells.  Thus the endocrine glands are affected.  The limbic brain is also affected which then affects the emotions.  The mast cells are part of the brain-gut axis.  Aside from regulating the hormonal symptoms, the the mast cells can also stimulate autoimmunity.  Long term issues can ensue such as rheumatoid arthritis.  They can also contribute to symptoms of autism!  The main issues is the patterns of inflammation we’re dealing with today.

Eastern Chinese Medicine Physiology

The itching is caused by internal “wind” or movement.  The fluids are considered “damp”.  The redness and heat is considered excess “heat”.  Thus we are looking at excess wind-damp-heat.  Thus this helps us with choosing acupuncture points to deal with this pattern.  Here are some basic points you can use:


  • GV24 is one of the three points in the “three sisters”: GV 24, GB13 (bilateral).  It decreases tearing and wind.  The Nei Wan (the material basis of Shen) by using GV24, it can calm down the overactivity and itching.  Y-Age Aeon or Glutathione is advised.
  • GV16 helps to address wind and reduce itching. Another great place for lowering wind with Y-Age Aeon or Glutathione.  You can also use a Y-Age patch here and a TAN or negatively charged patch on GV24.  Alternate to GV 16 would be GB 20 which is one on both sides skull – use IceWave or Energy Enhancer WHITE on RIGHT, TAN on LEFT. It is useful for early cold symptoms and any other “wind” issues.
  • GB31 is a great point for reducing itching and pain by releasing excess wind.  Use Y-Age Aeon, Glutathione or Alavida.
  • BL12 on the back decreases wind
  • BL67 is also good for clears wind, lowers itching and wind and helps the eyes.
  • Take the thumbs and press on Bladder 2 on the inside of the eyebrows.  These points are is great for itching with warmness (wind and heat together).

If you want to address the endocrine/hormonal regulation you can use the Alavida patches on the third eye or right Bladder 2 (whereby you’d use a negatively charged patch on the LEFT BL2 such as a TAN, SP6C patch or Carnosine at night as it is more negatively charged than Alavida.)


  • SP9 is usually sore when someone is damp – IceWave or Energy Enhancer WHITE on RIGHT TAN on LEFT.  Mucus is a form of phlegm.
  • ST40 can be used in combination when there is phlegm
  • KI20 is five inches north of the belly button bilateral and transforms phlegm. It isn’t used very often because needling it – one has to be careful, but with phototherapy LifeWave patches, it is very safe.


By using a Merkaba, a double triangle pyramid, we can amplify positive energies and the effectiveness of these points. in the Chinese anatomical position the arms are up in the air and thus are more positive than the head.  Thus Large intestine 4 is great for draining excess yang qi out of the head (excess heat).  That point is on the hands near the thumb.  This is a great point for sinuses.

Powerful Double Merkaba Protocol

For the top Merkaba:

  • GV24 calm shen (Aeon, Alavida or Glutathione)
    • Alternate specialty: Nirvana on GV24 and Alavida on GV24.5 which is third eye especially if there is an emotional component.
  • LI4 for draining head and sinuses (use one set of icewave, energy enhancer, SP6C/Aeon combo for hormonal balance)

For the bottom Merkaba add one set of patches (icewave, energy enhancer, or SP6C/Aeon combo) on one of:

  • BL2 (wind heat)
  • or LI20 (sinuses to drain damp)
  • or BL12 (wind)
  • or KI20 (open chest and transform phlegm)
  • or BL67 (clear head and eyes)

Simple Formula for Allergic symptoms

If sore on BL13 it is an allergy (sometimes that is all that is needed!) , these are good points:

  • BL13 on the back (a little tricky to get to by yourself) and if often sore in someone with allergies.  IceWave would be a great choice bilaterally.
  • LU8 dredges the lung channel of toxins and will lower inflammation.  LU9 is the Source point of the lungs in case you have coughing.

Opening the chest

  • CV17 is a good point to open the chest for cough and shortness of breath.  Y-Age Glutathione or Aeon.
  • SP21 on the sides is the Great Luo.  There is one on each side so you can patch both sides.  It is often sore.  White on the Right and Tan on the Left.

Difficulty Breathing

  • KI 6 is very useful (patch both sides) helps the lungs work better.

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