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Exclusive Patch Training Team Resources

This resource is exclusively for our Patch Training Team Members.  Click ACCESS to get more information on how you can become a PTT Access member and get all these awesome benefits!

  • New Distributor Training Newsletter Series
  • Recorded on-demand LifeWave Product Training Course (7 classes!)
  • Recorded on-demand LifeWave Business Boot Camp (ongoing)
  • Team Training Audio and Webinar recordings
  • Product Training Webinars
  • Advanced Patching Protocols
  • Health Fair Vending Booths – What to do and what not to do
  • How to do a LifeWave Home Party/Presentation
    • Sample Itinerary
  • First Date Scripts
    • Sample First Date Scripts
    • Sample Prospecting Emails
    • What is it? Script
    • How does it work? Script
    • How much is it? Script
  • Dear Friend Letter
  • Dear Business/Colleague Letter
  • Compensation Plan Cheat Sheet
  • Enroll a New LifeWave Distributor Form
  • LifeWave Retail/Preferred Retail Order Form

Dr. Karen’s LifeWave Patching Videos

View Dr. Karen’s popular LifeWave YouTube videos to learn how to find the acupuncture points used with the LifeWave patches.

Dr. Karen Recommends

Want to know what holistic physician and acupuncturist recommends for optimal health, body-mind-spirit? Click the link above to learn what Dr. Karen Kan, holistic physician and acupuncturist, recommends as the best exercises, nutritional guidance and mental/emotional training.