Skin Protection without Sunscreen using LifeWave Phototherapy patches?

Wonder what you can do to protect yourself from skin damage from excessive sun exposure?  Well, listen to this radio show where Dr. Dennis Lobstein and Dr. Karen Kan discuss the benefits of antioxidant phototherapy patches to help protect your skin from the oxidizing effects of the sun, all the while allowing you to get your much needed Vitamin D (through the skin). Skin protection without necessarily resorting to toxic sunscreen and tons of clothing. What a neat idea!

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Why not use Sunscreen?

Is it a big lie that sun will give you cancer?  We’ve been taught that we need to use sunscreen to protect from cancer.  However, with sun exposure and with chlorine pool exposure, many of the ingredients in popular sunscreens become even more toxic causing infertility, low sperm counts and potential carcinogens.  Avoid synthetic sunscreens with “ethyl – , methyl-, butyl -” etc.

R. Thomas Zoeller, MS, PhD, is a Professor of Biology at the University of Massachusetts. He’s an author of the Endocrine Society’s scientific statement about endocrine disrupting chemicals and their official representative. He said, “Dr. Perry makes an important point that sunscreens are applied to skin in a formulation that serves as a drug delivery system and that some sunscreens are known to interfere with hormone action. The way in which these chemicals can interact with hormone systems could plausibly increase the risk of various cancers as well as other endocrine disorders.” (

More than 2/3rds of the population is vitamin D deficiency especially African American people.  It is important to get Vitamin D through the skin.  Some people may still need to supplement (use cholecalciferol Vitamin D3).  Junk food diet people are easily sunburned.  But people with ample antioxidants, they don’t burn as easily!  They can be exposed to sunlight for many more hours without burning.  Nutritional deficiencies and low antioxidants can cause cancer!

Strategies for natural sun protection:

  • Boost antioxidants – use Y-Age Glutathione, Y-Age Aeon (phenylacetoglutamine increases which makes the neoplastin peptide.  People with cancer have low levels of this neoplastin peptides.  Dr. Burzynki has successfully treated difficult-to-treat cancers with neoplastin.  Y-Age Carnosine also boosts
  • Lower inflammation  – use Y-Age Aeon (can be used for both prevention and repair)
  • Repair collagen – Alavida skin care – Nirvana (NEW!) patch and supplements
  • Skin and organ repair – Use Y-Age Carnosine and Alavida skin care

Dr. Dennis mentioned how Scottish scientists another light emitting product that may help skin cancer  LifeWave does not claim to prevent or cure skin cancer but it is a form of phototherapy.

The Wei Qi field (surface of the body) can become weak when our nutritional foundation is weak.  We can improve Wei Qi field to have more antioxidants.  Nutritional supplements synergistically work with the phototherapy patches.  For example, you need cysteine in the diet to create glutathione (which is the signal of the Y-Age glutathione patches).  If you’re vegetarian you can get cysteine from whey protein.  Hemp protein -10% is cysteine.  If you’re vegan and you want to boost glutathione levels by using glutathione patches and hemp protein.

  • Prevention: Glutathione, Alavida, Aeon
  • Repair of damage: Carnosine, Nirvana and Alavida (Aeon works here too)

Protocols for preventing burn:

Lung 9 and Heart 7 IMAGE
  • Lung 9 LEFT wrist (Tan icewave, Tan Energy enhancer, SP6C or even a carnosine at night) is the Source point regulates Qi in the channel and is responsible for the Wei Qi field.  By activating Lung 9 we’re influencing te vessels that nourish the skin.
  • Heart 7 RIGHT wrist – use Y-age Glutathione during the day.  You can stack an Aeon on top if you have it as well as the glutathione.
  • (Option BL 39 near tendon behind right knee for Y-Age Aeon – lower He Se point for the triple burner which regulates water – prevents dehydration and increases efficacy of the patches.).  If it too damp, it will decrease it!  Regulation goes both ways.

If skin repairing options at night:

  • Lung 8 detoxing – Nirvana or Alavida or Aeon on the right/carnosine left combo
  • Lung 1 Mu point for the lung – where Qi of the channel comes to a head – Nirvana/alavida or Aeon patch at night on the RIGHT and Carnosine on the LEFT.
  • You can take Theta One one hour before sleep which will increase Growth hormone levels to repair tissue.
  • Lung 3 Original Nature- brings Grace to heal injury (De Qi) – especially using Nirvana

For hydration:

  • Lung 5 (RIGHT) white or positive patch (Aeon, alavida, glutathione options), Spleen 9 on the LEFT using a negative patch (Sp6C or carnosine if using positive patch on the right).
  • For every 1% increase in intracellular hydration, you get a 10% increase in metabolic efficiency.  Your physiology and biochemistry works better! The patches also increase both.


  1. Red and itchy mite bite outside right eye (itchy is wind and red is heat and if swollen then damp).  We want to clear heat, drain damp and stop the itching.  Carnosine would be good to repair tissue at night. When insect bites it is acidic.  Putting saliva on it, it neutralizes some of the venom.  Dr. Dennis suggests Spleen 9 to drain damp, Large intestine 11 to drain heat and for Wind, use Gallbladder 20 or GB31 (where the tip of our middle finger when your arm rests on the side of the leg).
    1. Energy Enhancers or IceWave on left Spleen 9 TAN and  right Large Intestine 11 with the WHITE
    2. Glutathione on GB 31 on the right leg

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