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Our Mission

Welcome to the Patch Training Team, a global group of LifeWave brand partners led by Dr. Karen Kan, a retired medical doctor, acupuncturist, and five-time #1 bestselling wellness author. We focus on promoting a healthier life through hydration, lifestyle changes, and innovative phototherapy technology. Our approach is drug-free and non-invasive, aiming to activate the body’s self-healing mechanisms. Join us for a transformative journey to holistic well-being.

Phototherapy Products We Love

As Independent Brand Partners of LifeWave, we offer patented wellness products and wellness education on how to reduce stress, improve sleep, relieve energetic blockages that can lead to discomfort, increase vitality, optimize physical well-being, and enhance the body’s ability to do what it is already doing to keep you healthy – just better.  All this without the need for drugs, pills, or injections. 90-Day Money Back Guarantee for new customers (30-day for brand partners).

LifeWave Y-Age Aeon

Unlock relaxation, alleviate discomfort, and gently melt away tension. Reduce and manage stress.

LifeWave Y-Age Glutathione

Achieve a harmonious state of health which is your greatest defense. Helps to promote healthy skin. 

LifeWave Y-Age Carnosine

Improve your overall state of wellness and support exercise and physical well-being.

LifeWave X39

Optimum health and wellness can now be yours with X39. Optimize energy flow and promotes performance, strength, and exercise stamina.

LifeWave X49

Support a healthy cardiovascular system through exercise. Promote performance, strength, stamina, and healthy weight along with X39, nutrition, and exercise programs.

LifeWave Energy Enhancers

Engage your body’s natural energy field for the perfect balance of physical activity and recovery. Embrace the feelings of whole-body health and vitality.

LifeWave IceWave

Release negative “blocked” energy so you can live in harmony with the principles of holistic well-being.

LifeWave Silent Nights

Nurture restfulness, which cultivates restorative sleep. Embrace deep relaxation that can enhance the quality and quantity of sleep.

LifeWave SP6 Complete

Maintain a healthier, more balanced appetite, working synergistically with exercise and a healthy diet.

LifeWave Alavida Skin Care

Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Brighten your complexion, and even out skin tones and discoloration, improving skin firmness.

LifeWave Alavida Eye Cream

Brighten your complexion, and even out skin tones and discoloration, improving skin firmness using this copper-peptide infused eye cream, blended with powerful ingredients.

Our Team

Our team consists of a wide variety of people from all over the world: school teachers, health care practitioners, business professionals, coaches, athletes, and stay-at-home moms and dads looking for more ways to do what they love and spend more time with the people who mean the most. Whether you just want to try the product or to become a brand partner, we are here for you.

Ask the Doctors Q&A with Dr. Karen and Dr. Dennis

For advanced discussions on Chinese Acupuncture Points and using the LifeWave patches in combination, join Dr. Karen Kan and Dr. Dennis Lobstein each month for special training on Zoom. All LifeWave brand partners and customers are welcome.


The advice provided here, including the use of phototherapy products, does not claim to cure, treat, prevent, or mitigate medical conditions. Our insights stem from personal and clinical experiences, thus individual results may vary. For serious medical concerns, consult your trusted holistic healthcare provider and trust your intuition when considering our recommendations.

Approximately 85% or more of individuals experience significant benefits by applying the acupuncture points highlighted in the LifeWave brochures, supported by thorough research. These points are recommended as primary areas for patch application.

By participating in our Zoom sessions or utilizing the information on this website, you understand that our discussions extend beyond phototherapy and assume full responsibility for any outcomes resulting from our suggestions. You agree to absolve LifeWave, Dr. Dennis Lobstein, Dr. Karen Kan G, her team, and all members of the Patch Training Team from any liability.

For additional corporate resources on phototherapy patches, consult a LifeWave Brand Partner or visit

If you’re new to phototherapy tools and lack a LifeWave brand partner, reach out to the Support Team for assistance in connecting with a member of the Patch Training Team.