Does Nirvana have a role in supporting spiritual Ascension?

Dr. Dennis and I discuss the possible role of beta endorphins in ascension.  Dr. Dennis starts with a story.  He spoke about the gifts to Jesus: Frankincense, Myrrh, and gold.  Monoatomic gold exists in four phases.  It exists in more than in one dimension at the same time: Solid, liquid, gas at the same time.  It is called Ormus these days and it helps us make contact with our multidimensional selves.  What’s happening with the ascension process is that we’re involved in birthing a beautiful new world and new dimension.  The upliftment picture can be viewed on Image by Josephine Wall

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It’s about the Frequency!

The ascension process = the frequencies rise and come out of phase with 3D. The whole body comes out of phase and we get in touch with our multidimensional selves. Contrasting that with Enlightenment = when consciousness meets a high vibration without death (like Christ, Budda). Levi’s book describes 18 years of Jesus’ life which was taken out of the bible because it describes how to become enlightened without the church.  “What I have done all men can do and what I am, all men shall be.” ~ Jesus.

Schumann frequencies is extremely low frequencies of Earth’s ionosphere.  There are spikes in those harmonics that have happened more recently.  Many people have had ascension symptoms possibly related with detoxification or getting in touch with other dimensions (including Kundalini rising) or that they physical body isn’t able to cope with the higher vibration.

There is a pattern in beta-endorphin – ascension alchemy – all cells going into phase.  From light coming in the body is translated through acupuncture meridians.  The liquid crystal water in acupuncture meridians can vibrate when stimulated and the frequencies are translated through each cell to the DNA which interacts like a Tesseract and emits them the other way.  The light from the DNA then goes out the other way and changes the torque of the energy.  This system may be regulated by endorphins.  In 1985 Dr. Dennis presented a paper in Shanghai about how endorphins may be a biochemical substrate of Qi.  There was enough evidence in the literature at the time that the endorphins are important for this alchemy.  This has to do with the Metal element (serenity and calm when balanced and Qi can flow well).  Dr. Dennis was one of the first scientist that showed that exercise has an effect on endorphin.

Endorphin system seem to be very important in our bodies.  It has a role in hormones, mood, pain, nervous system, body weight, meditation and much more.  Having this system healthy also affects anti-aging.  Because of this broad affect of Endorphins, this is likely how ascension may be related!

San Jiao (Triple Warmer)

The Jiao = energy center.  There are three of them in the body – upper middle and lower.  In the upper Jiao, the organ is the pleura.  In the lower Jiao, it is the mesentary that is connected to the peritoneium.  The middle Jiao may be connected to the omentum.  These are highly innervated with sensory nervous and brain-gut peptides (neuromodulators also found in the brain).  When the gut is inflamed for example, there is a compromise the gut peptides and that can lead to depression.  San Jiao regulates water, transports endocrine hormones and kidney Qi  to the Source points of every meridian.  It’s like a moat around a castle.  Heart is like the emperor (center of castle), small intestine (first protection), pericardium (drawbridge)  and triple warmer (moat) are the four.

Membranes will expand and they have an increased role in ascension.  This might explain the gain in belly mass!  That is parallel to the role of the pituitary during pregnancy.  The beta endorphin is 10-30x more when pregnant.

How can Nirvana help?

The Nirvana supplement enhances beta endorphin levels and the patch increases dopamine levels according to what Dr. Dennis heard from David Schmidt, inventor of Nirvana.  When you place Nirvana on the third eye, governing vessel GV 24.5.  It affects the pineal gland directly. Epithalamin, produced by the pineal,  has an effect of the limbic brain which regulates the hypothalamus and thus the pituitary.

Right TB 17 behind the right ear lobe on the mastoid bone – you can affect the Triple warmer meridian but also the endocrine acupuncture points behind the ear and on the ear lobes.  As a side note, by using SP6C patch on the left spleen 6 point and Aeon patch behind the right ear on TB17 gets rid of most of the post-menopausal hot flash symptoms.  Now with the Nirvana patch, you can add this patch to see if it affects the mood too.   Dr. Dennis suggested adding the Nirvana on the RIGHT spleen 6 point. This creates a nice triangle.

Kidney 6 on the inside right ankle – regulates stress hormones like ACTH and master point of Yin channels and master point for rest and relaxation.  To boost rest and relaxation put Nirvana on right Kidney 6.  We’re tonifiying and strengthening the master point for rest and relaxation.

On a side note related to really bad insomnia: Bladder 62 on the outside of the ankle (below) is arousing. Tonify KI 6 on the left with positive patch on the left and an SP6 or tan patch on right BL62 and that sedates the arousal master.

Liver 3 – dissipates stagnant liver, and anger – so putting the Nirvana on liver 3 may help.


  1. Caller said that an Ear infection protocol was used for “hard of hearing” and it was remarkable on how it helped this woman’s hearing within a day.  Melissa called in and wondered if Dr. Dennis has any experience with patches and hearing.  Dr. Dennis said to try right Aeon on SI 19 “listening place” and that might be enough.  You can put a negatively charged patch on the left.  If you tonify kidney Qi that can help with hearing.  Like putting Energy Enhancers on Kidney 3 or BL 23.  You can rotate between both.  You can also use Y-Age patch on GV 4 (life gate).
    1. You can also use TB17 behind the right ear.
    2. Dr. Karen noted that glutathione levels being low makes one at risk of hearing loss.
  2. Eye issues – patch the temples and the third eye.  Night time Aeon on third eye with glutathione on right temple and carnosine on the left temple.

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