LifeWave Patching Protocols to enhance Meditation, Stillness and Inner Peace

Since becoming a martial artist in his teens Dr. Dennis Lobstein has been using meditation and Qigong to keep his focus and connect his heart field with spirit so that he can develop good discernment between what is real and what is not.  It helps with managing the navigating the chaos that inevitably ensues in our lives.  In today’s radio show, Dr. Dennis shared multiple LifeWave patching protocols to enhance meditation, stillness and peace.  Join Dr. Dennis weekly for his free Acuwave clinic in person or online.  For information click HERE.

“The stillness in stillness is not the real Stillness.  Only when there is stillness in movement does the Universal rhythm manifest.” ~ Bruce Lee, Martial Artist

Meaning is you can be still amidst of chaos, THAT is the key.  That is the same as being Centered.  The founder of Akido Morihei Ueshiba, was renowned for being still in movement.

Dimethyltryptamine – endogenous hallucinogen (DMT) by having the Window of the Heart  Fire with the window of the Metal (pain versus serenity).  You can get to bliss.  If you look at the 5 Element chart, the Ke cycle regulates Metal.  Metal the nourishes Water, where you have the peace and calm.  The Kidney organ (water) is the regulator of the marrow which includes the pineal and pituitary.  Working together they create the elixir of “milk” which creates DMT, epithalamin and anandamide.  water is grandmother for Fire.  The Fire meridians San Jiao and Pericardium are regulated through Water.  Pericardium 8 emits a lot of Qi.  When we practice moving meditation, we enhance our ability to emit Qi from our palms.

If we look at a 5 Element chart, the Fire point (receptivity point) of the Lung is LU10.  It is good for the throat to clear lung heat and decrease rebellious lung Qi.  Psychologically, LU10, when one is cold or stuck in an old way of doing things, it helps you get unstuck by warming you with Lung Qi.  It receives Yang Qi from the Sky and the metal becomes less rigid and becomes warmer.  If before we were lacking emotional warmth and connectivity, LU10 connects us with the warmth of spirit through the Fire point.

Lung 10 point = “fish belly”.  In Asian medicine, fish is nourishing and this case we’re talking about nourishment of the Soul.

“Meditation is a vehicle through which Consciousness expands” ~ Agape Center, Los Angeles

All the patches increases our biocoherence.  Energy Enhancer patches shifts our autonomic nervous system (ANS) from stress emphasis to relaxed emphasis.  The Energy Enhancers patches help us focus better and have stable energy all day – we become more efficient but with less anxiety, stress or “caffeinated” feelings.  The crystals in the patches can reinforce the transformed energetic grid that is of a higher vibration.


  • Energy Enhancers on Lung 10 acupuncture point – white on right, tan on left.
  • IMAGE:

    Energy Enhancers on Pericadium 6 Tan on the left and triple burner 5 White on the right in the yin/yang pair calms anxiety and supports more peace.

  • Y-Age Aeon patch on GV20 at the top of the head.  Place it with the intent to pull Qi up (if you’re depressed) or push Qi down the GV channel if you are anxious or nervous and need to be more grounded (great for back pain).  You can also add a negatively charged patches on both Kidney 1 points to ground the energy (tan patches or SP6C appetite control patches).  Please note do not use two tan patches on your feet if you don’t use the Y-Age Aeon to balance the Yin and Yang.  
  • Gallbladder 39 is the influential point for marrow (which is part of the nervous system in Chinese Medicine).  This point releases connection issues, stubbornness/stagnation.  If someone has fixated ideas or lost the ability to be listen, GB39 is a great point to use.  If we patch both Tan patches or Sp6C patches to GB 39 and Aeon or Y-Age Glutathione on CV 12 for overthinking and over-worry that helps to relieve these symptoms. So that can help with meditation.
    • We can enhance this “pyramid” rotating counterclockwise from belly the belly button using these points by using CV12 as the center, we can create a clockwise rotating pyramid above by patching Bladder 15 (both White patches of the Energy Enhancer or IceWave) the back SHU point of the heart.  Bladder 15 is at the level of thoracic vertebrae 3.
      Bladder 15. IMAGE:
      • Alternatively, you can use energy enhancers or icewave on GB39 white on right and tan on left if you don’t want to use two tan patches at once.
    • 3 Sisters protocol for anxiety: IceWave on both Gallbladder 13 -3 cun (or use Aeon on the right and SP6C on the left to balance hormones) on either side of GV24 and Nirvana on GV24 which is 1/2 cun into the hair line in the midline.  The Nirvana supplement is synergistic with hormone and neurotransmitter balance.

    • Nirvana on GV 14 alone is a great meditation spot combined with Alavida patch on the third eye GV24.5 between the eyebrows (you make more Epithalamin from the pineal gland to help balance the endocrine system).





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