New to LifeWave? Introduction to LifeWave Patches (FREE Replay)

Here’s Your Complimentary LifeWave Introductory Class with Lydia Wainwright and Dr. Karen Kan

Have you heard about LifeWave acupuncture patches? If so you have probably heard raving reviews about how Olympic athletes, physicians, and now people of all ages and health conditions are using these all-natural acupuncture patches for immediate pain relief, boost of natural energy, appetite control, and SO much more.


Tune into this FREE Introduction to LifeWave Patches Webinar replay and you will learn:

– How exactly do  these all-natural acupuncture patches work if nothing goes into the body?
– How to know if these patches will work for you and your condition.
– Are LifeWave patches right for you?
– What each type of LifeWave patch does and who they work best for.
…And much more.


Please “share the love” by forwarding this free resource to with anyone you know who is interested in learning more about all-natural healing and wellness. The replay is below.


Dr. Karen

LifeWave Patches – Introduction to LifeWave Acupuncture Patches

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